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Raybestos™ PG Plus™ Brake Pads


PG PLUS™ Disc Brake Pads provide the most complete line of premium quality brakes in the industry. Engineered to provide the best overall premium performance for everyday driving conditions, PG PLUS Brake Pads offer vehicle specific formulations to assure safe and consistent stopping. PG PLUS is D³EA® Certified to meet Federal Safety Standards for original equipment. Best results when used with PG Plus VSM™ Rotors.


PG Plus™ Brake Pads Features and Benefits:

Feature: Provides the most complete coverage in the industry
Benefit: Right part, right place, right time

Feature: Vehicle specific formulations
Benefit: Ensures safe and consistent stopping

Feature: Semi-metallic and organic formulations
Benefit: Provide long life

Feature: Shimmed, slotted and chamfered where specified by Original Equipment
Benefit: Provide optimum noise suppression and performance

Feature: Riveted and integrally molded configurations
Benefit: Consistent with Original Equipment designs

Feature: Post-cured
Benefit: Requires no break-in period, for safe and consistent performance

Feature: D3EA Certified
Benefit: Consistent with Federal Safety Standards required for new vehicles.


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