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Raybestos™ SUPERSTOP ™ Brake Pads


SUPERSTOPô Disc Brake Pads offer the most complete line of severe duty friction in the industry. The friction is specifically formulated for drivers who want to unleash the power of their light trucks and SUVís, as well as taxi, police and fleet vehicles that demand extra long life and performance. For drivers who are hard on brakes, or any vehicle that uses its brakes frequently especially with heavy loads, will benefit from using SUPERSTOP. This severe duty formulation is D3EA Certified to be consistent with Federal Safety Standards. Match with SUPERSTOP rotors for superior stopping durability.

SUPERSTOPô Brake Pads Features and Benefits:

Feature: The most complete line of severe duty disc brake pads in the industry
Benefit: Product available on your shelf when it really matters

Feature: Specifically formulated for severe duty applications
Benefit: Resists heat of extreme braking conditions experienced by fleet-type vehicles such as police cars, ambulances, and taxis

Feature: Superior fade, recovery and durability characteristics
Benefit: Unparalleled braking performance even in severe service

Feature: Shimmed, slotted and chamfered where specified by Original Equipment
Benefit: Durability and resistance to dangerous fade

Feature: Post-cured
Benefit: Requires no break-in period, for safety and consistent performance

Feature: D3EA Certified to be consistent with Federal Safety Standards required for new vehicles
Benefit: Safe, reliable, quality parts

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